BUT Formazza, on the 13 of July the Emotions at High Altitude!

One month left to BUT Formazza, the event by ASD Formazza Event which collect trail runners from all the world.

The courses will be four: Bettelmatt Trail 52 km e 3.296 m D+-, Bettelmatt Skyrace 35 km e 1.940 m D+-, Bettelmatt Race 22 km e 750 m D+-, Bettelmatt Mini Trail La Stampa 8 km. The organizers are checking the situation because there is snow on the highest parts od the track.

Runners from 11 nations

There are almost 500 runners on the entry list, from 11 countries: Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Great Britain, France, Norway, Poland, Romania, United States, Swiss.

Iscrizioni aperte!

Until 7 of July You can register to BT 52 km e BSR 35 km, while the day of the race You can register to BR 22 km e BMT La Stampa 8 km.


13 Giugno 2019

BUT Formazza: only one month left!