Sky Race

13 Febbraio 2018

BUT comes back with great news!

On February 14 registration of BUT Val Formazza are opening with great news! The longest course will be Bettelmatt Trail 52 km; the race track will touch Rifugio 3A  (3.000 m high!) and, for the first time, Cascata del Toce, that will be at its fu...
31 Marzo 2018

BUT Formazza takes you to UTMB

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It's official! Bettelmatt Trail 52 km and Bettelmatt Sky Race 35 km are Qualifying Races for Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. The finishers of 52 km Trail, that will touch for the very f...
19 Marzo 2019

BUT Formazza, few days left for discounted fees!