Checking the list of athletes registered of BUT Formazza we noticed an athlete from even distant Finland, Tuuli Wiio: intrigued, we tried to contact her to know her better and know how he chose BUT Formazza!
Tuuli, tell us something about you!
I’m originally from Tampere, but live nowadays in Helsinki with my husband and two kids.
 I’m mathematician who works for Finance. But I do love sports – especially in the mountains and in arctic nature. I’ve snowboarded since I was a little kid and every Finn knows how to ski (downhill or crosscountry). Running is my favourite sport since I can do it almost where ever and when ever.
How did know about BUT Formazza?
I was googling european trail/mountain running events when I came across BUT. The well written english website convinced me at once! I knew this was the race for me, for my first Italian trail
Every aspect of BUT seems to be suitable for me. I want to experience the long distance and a little bit higher altitude. I want to play it safe though: this year it’s 22km. Next year hopefully 35km.
How long will you stay in Italy?
I’m travelling with my husband and we’ll stay for a week in all around Piemonte. Actually the plan was to run together (as we have done before), but this year I need to run alone since my husband is suffering from lower back pain. Hopefully he can run with me next year again, but this year he gets to enjoy the excellent food and wine of Italy!
Good Luck, Tuuli, we hope you will enjoy the Emotions at High Altitude!
2 Luglio 2018

From Finland to... Formazza!

Checking the list of athletes registered o...