"Il Pella", since 10 years he's a BUT Formazza's volunteer

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26 Febbraio 2019
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19 Marzo 2019

"Il Pella", since 10 years he's a BUT Formazza's volunteer

What would BUT Formazza be without volunteers? It simply may not exist!

The role of volunteers is in fact fundamental for organizing such a complex event as BUT Formazza: whether they are at the refreshment points or on the route, at the race bibs or in the arrival area, thera are really many volunteers, over 100, working because the athletes they can really live the promises “High Altitude Emotions”. Moreover, the ASD that organizes, Formazza Event, is all made up of volunteers.

One of the best known and appreciated among the long-time volunteers is, Antonio Pella, for all “Il Pella”! Antonio is loved by everyone for his sympathy, his openness and for his … photographic gifts!

Antonio, what do you  during BUT Formazza?

I’m, together with Giorgio Sciligo, one of the responsble of the track; we place the flags, mark the path in order to lreduce the possibilities to take the wrong path and, from this year, where possible, we will also place the word “BUT”, obviously with ecological paint!

How long have you been collaborating with Formazza Event?

10 years! I saw the race grow becoming a spectacular event: a lot of work but also a lot of fun!

What do you like most about being a volunteer?

The possibility of being around “my” mountains: as soon as I can I like to take long trips and every time I get excited for the beauty of our territory; thanks to BUT Formazza I can live my passion even more intensely! Over the years we have created a group of volunteers rather close-knit, so there is also the opportunity to have fun all together.

Where will you wait for athletes in 2019?

I will be with the guys assigned to the route in the Passo S.Giacomo – Capanna Corno; section we will be in the area already the night before and, if the weather will allow us, we will cheat time with a nice barbecue party! In the early morning we will go to the respective stations to wait for all the athletes, support them and cheer for them, from the first to the last!

Thanks to Antonio and to all volunteers! See you on the BUT Formazza Track!