Several months have passed, but his joy at the finish line is in everyone’s eyes yet: the 2018 winner of Bettelmatt Trail 52 km, Riccardo Montani, tells us about his emotions after the triumph at Riale Formazza

The arrival of the BUT – says the young Italian athlete – was unforgettable because in Riale, a place that I already loved, I welcome my relatives and friends, who can not always follow me. Cutting the finish line in first position means getting the best reward for all the efforts made, and doing it in front of them has added more value.

What part of BUT track you prefer?

The BUT has a crazy background! If I must choose, well I’d say the passing of Refuge 3A, apex of the race, when you say goodbye to the slope in the snowfield and start the dive to the Lake of Sabbioni.

The victory at the 52 km BUT has consecrated you champion and brought you in the national team (at the World Skyrunning Championships); 2019 will be the year of confirmation, what are your goals for this season?

This year I’ll run several races of the Skyrunner Italy Series calendar. I will then take part in the FISky gatherings (the next one at the Amalfi Positano Ultratrail in May) and if it will be all ok, the European Campionship of Skyrunning in Val Bognanco at Veia Skyrace. At the end of August OCC and then UTLO. The closest event is the Maremontana 45K. The agenda is thick, I hope to compete well in all these commitments, especially in the last ones mentioned.

Why a trail runner has to run BUT Formazza?

The best reason to run it is certainly for the high mountain territory along which the route is developed, magnificent. Also the choice of Saturday as a race day and the Itra and UTMB points (3 for the 52 and 2 for the 35, ed) are “nice”.

26 Febbraio 2019
Riccardo Montani celebrates his victory with the fans

Riccardo Montani: an unforgettable finish

4 Marzo 2019

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24 Maggio 2019

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