2018 BUT Formazza is coming more and more faster. The event is scheduled for 14 of July, for the first time on Saturday, with four courses: Bettelmatt Trail 52 km, Bettelmatt Sky Race 35 km, Bettelmatt Race 22 km e Bettelmatt Mini Trail La Stampa da 8 km.

Discounted Fees for Bettelmatt Trail until 31 of May

A few days left to register at a reduced fee at the Bettelmatt Trail 52 km and 3,296 m D + -; the cost is currently € 55,00, while from the First of June will rise to € 65.00; registrations will close on the First of July.
The entry fees for Bettelmatt Sky Race 35 km (1,940 m D + -) and Bettelmatt Race 22 km (750 D + -) are currently set at € 35,00 and € 25,00.

BT 52 km e BSR 35 km sono gare qualificanti UTMB – BT and BSR are UTMB qualifying races

Bettelmatt Trail 52 km and Bettelmatt Sky Race will once again be Qualifying Races for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc: athletes who will finish the Trail, will get 4 points, while the finishers of the classic 35 km will get 2 points.
The 3 main routes of BUT Formazza are also certified by ITRA (International Trail Running Association).

Cascata del Toce, the first time

The course of Bettelmatt Trail will touch, for the first time, Cascata del Toce, one of the most important tourist attractions of the territory. The waterfall has a jump of 143 m, the highest in Europe, and is fed by the river Toce that is formed in the plain of Riale, home of departure and arrival of all races of BUT, from the confluence of the streams Hosand, Gries, Rhoni. The Cascata del Toce was visited by famous personalities such as Richard Wagner, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Queen Margherita, King Vittorio Emanuele III, Giosuè Carducci and Abbot Antonio Stoppani; all have left enthusiastic descriptions of what was already called the most beautiful waterfall in the Alps. The path that runs alongside it, where the race will pass, highly spectacular, is a stretch of the Gries mercantile road that has united Milan and Bern for centuries.
On the top, a fantastic observation point is the wooden balcony stretched out above the water jump. The Toce Waterfall will be visible in its majesty even during the Bettelmatt Trail.

12 Maggio 2018

Discounted Fees for Bettelmatt Trail until 31 of May

30 Maggio 2018

Overnight at the gym - SOLD OUT

14 Giugno 2018

One month to BUT Formazza!

28 Giugno 2018

BUT Formazza, occhio alle scadenze!

2 Luglio 2018

From Finland to... Formazza!

Checking the list of athletes registered o...
6 Luglio 2018

BUT si è presentata alle Terme di Premia

9 Luglio 2018

Official Guide!

12 Luglio 2018

BUT Formazza, the great day is coming!

16 Luglio 2018
The smile of Riccardo Montani, winner of BT 52 km

BUT Formazza, Montani e Canepa win the 52 km