BUT Formazza, occhio alle scadenze!

One month to BUT Formazza!
14 Giugno 2018
From Finland to... Formazza!
2 Luglio 2018

BUT Formazza, occhio alle scadenze!

On July 1st BT 50 km registrations will close

The 2018 edition of BUT Formazza is getting closer and closer! The event will be held on July 14th, for the first time on Saturday, with four planned tracks: Bettelmatt Trail 52 km, Bettelmatt Sky Race 35 km, Bettelmatt Race 22 km and Bettelmatt Mini Trail La Stampa from 8 km.

Bettelmatt Trail, still a few hours to register

On July 1st, the registrations for the longest race scheduled this year, the Bettelmatt Trail 50 km, (3.296 D + -, 4 UTMB points) will be closed. The race has beaten the registration record of the last year and promises to be decidedly spectacular, with the new path that will lead athletes to the Cascata del Toce for the first time.

The registrations are going very well also for the two classic distances, Bettelmatt Sky Race (1,940 m D + -, 2 points UTMB), and Bettelmatt Race (750 m D + -); until 30/6 the odds will be facilitated for both distances (respectively 35.00 and 25.00 €), then from 1/7 will go up to 40.00 and 30.00 €.

The registrations of the BSR 35 km will close on July 8, while the registrations to the BR 22 km will close on line and in the registration points on 12 July; it will be possible to register for the 22 km BR only on the day of the race, but at further increased prices.

The nations represented are increasing

Meanwhile, the nations represented at the 2018 edition of BUT Formazza are increasing: besides France, England, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland and, of course, Italy, Finland, Germany and the Czech Republic have been added.

The first names arrive

With the increase in registrations, the first level names also arrive: Marco Giudici, who will try to repeat the 2017 victory in the Bettelmatt Race, and, in the Bettelmatt Trail, Riccardo Montani, this year third in the Garbagna, have confirmed their presence. Trail Montebore 42 km, first to the Finestre di Pietra 45 km, third to the Belladormiente Skyrace.

And the finisher will be biting with personalized beer mugs!

A nice novelty for the BUT Formazza race finisher (excluding the Bettelmatt Mini Trail La Stampa): all the athletes who will finish the three longest distances will receive a beautiful personalized BUT beer mug, for BT 52 km by ½ liter, for the BSR 35 km and for the BR 22 km by 33 cl, with a good beer to fill the beer mugs and toast at the end of the race.