BUT Formazza, the great day is coming!

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9 Luglio 2018
The smile of Riccardo Montani, winner of BT 52 km
BUT Formazza, Montani e Canepa win the 52 km
16 Luglio 2018

BUT Formazza, the great day is coming!

The staff is working hard in Formazza (VB) to welcome the athletes who will be at the start of the 2018 edition of BUT Formazza, the event organized by Formazza Event scheduled for Saturday, July 14th.

There will be 222 athletes at the start of Bettelmatt Trail, 52 km and 3,296 m D + – which are highly spectacular, thanks to the extraordinary passage to the Toce Waterfall, which has always been the pride of the Valley with its jump of 143 m.

Among the most important names at the start we mention Francesca Canepa, Andrea Macchi, Fabio Di Giacomo, Riccardo Montani, Stefano Trisconi and Ivan Camurri.

There will be great battle also in the classic Bettelmatt Sky Race from 35 km and 1,940 m D + -, which will see 274 athletes at the start; among the others there are Michael Dola, in second place last year in the 83 km, Stefano Rinaldi, Stefano Radaelli, Ruben Mellerio, Matteo Fodrini and Barbara Zoppis.

But there could be some news from the last hour …

The Bettelmatt Race from 22 km and 750 m D + – will live on the duel between the 2017 winner, Marco Giudici, and Alberto Gramegna, with athletes like Stefano Cerlini and Mauro Bernardini ready to fight for the podium. At the moment there are 396 members of the 22 km: online registrations and registration points will close today, 12 July, but it will also be possible to register on Saturday 14 before departure, but at higher prices.

So at the moment there are 892 total subscribers, of 13 different nationalities Italy, Sweden, France, Germany, Finland, Ecuador, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Holland, Poland, Denmark.

BUT Formazza is part of the VCO Top Race Circuit.

On the other hand, on Saturday 14, the entries for the Bettelmatt Mini Trail La Stampa from 8 km, the classic tour of the Lake of Morasco, will open directly. the proceeds from the enrollments will be donated to the family of Marco Bacher, a boy from Formazza who, after a serious accident suffered a few years ago, needs 24 hours assistance and continuous care.

All races will start and finish in the magnificent Riale Formazza basin, at over 1,700 m altitude, in a truly spectacular environmental context.

Departure times: the 52 km at 6.00, the 35 km at 8.00, the 22 km at 9.30, the 8 km at 10.00.

The BUT Formazza awards ceremony, which is part of the VCO Top Race Circuit, will be held at 5.30 pm, but the BUT party will continue with the music of I Terribili and the BUT After Party.