BUT Formazza, few days left for discounted fees!

"Il Pella", since 10 years he's a BUT Formazza's volunteer
4 Marzo 2019
Francesca Canepa, winner of BT 52 km
Listen to Francesca Canepa: run in Val Formazza!
24 Aprile 2019

BUT Formazza, few days left for discounted fees!

From the 1st of April the fees will change!

Entries: many athletes have already chosen BUT!

The date of BUT Formazza, July 13th, is approaching, and numbers are set to become important: more than 220 subscribers are currently present and 6 nations are represented: Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland and Romania.

Until March 31th fees are discounted!

These numbers are destined to grow, especially in these days, as the fees will be discounted again for a few days, until the end of the month.

From 1st April the fees will change in this way: the registration to Bettelmatt Trail (52 km – 3.296 m D +) will increase from € 55.00 to € 65.00; registration for Bettelmatt Sky Race (35 km – 1,940 m D +) will rise from € 35.00 to € 40.00; that of Bettelmatt Race will increase from € 25.00 to € 30.00.

To better manage the event, Formazza Event, that organizes BUT Formazza, established maximum numbers of participants for each race: 300 athletes for Bettelmatt Trail, 400 athletes for Bettelmatt Sky Race, 500 athletes for Bettelmatt Race.

You can register on line on this website.

BUT Formazza, the partnerships

One of the most important innovations of 2019 is the inclusion of Bettelmatt Sky Race (35 km) in the Golden Trail National Series calendar, a circuit that brings together 6 of the best races in Italy.

It is a tradition instead to include BUT Formazza in the VCO Top Race circuit which brings together 13 of the best races in the Verbano Cusio Ossola area.

BUT Formazza is also valid as a qualifying race for UTMB, assigning 3 (BT 52 km) and 2 points (BR 35 km) respectively.