Until December 31, if you register to BUT Formazza you can give half price registration to someone special!

It’s easy: at the end of Your registration, write in the “Give BUT” promotion field the e-mail address of the person you want to sign up for.

The person named will receive an email with all the instructions to complete his registration.

You can make your gift even if you are already registered! Go to your Wedosport account!

Live the Emotions at High Altitude with someone You love! Give BUT Formazza for Christmas!


Until 31 of December

19 Dicembre 2018

Give BUT Formazza for Christmas!

9 Novembre 2018

BUT Formazza 2019, 13 of July!

25 Luglio 2018

Foto Gallery by Valentina Tamboloni

20 Luglio 2018

Photo Gallery by Alberto Lorenzina

18 Luglio 2018

Official Rankings

17 Luglio 2018
Francesca Canepa, winner of BT 52 km

The winners of BUT Formazza 2018

16 Luglio 2018
The smile of Riccardo Montani, winner of BT 52 km

BUT Formazza, Montani e Canepa win the 52 km

12 Luglio 2018

BUT Formazza, the great day is coming!

9 Luglio 2018

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